Administration Wing



Section Name



D – Section


Gazetted establishment


D1 - Section

Range Officers establishment

D2 – Section


D3 – Section


E – Section


Non – gazetted establishment


E2 – Section

Office Assistant, Typist, CA, Drivers, PTS


E3 – Section

LD/UD Clerks, HA, JS


E4 – Section

Dy. Range Forest Officers


E5 – Section

LD/UD Clerks probation & Seniority


E6 – Section

LA, CES, other Miscellaneous


E7 – Section

Section Forest Officers, Beat Forest Officers

F – Section




F1 – Section

Gazetted officers


F2 – Section

Non – gazette officers


F3 – Section

Range Forest Officers

T – Section




T1 – Section

Monthly Accounts and allotment


T2- Section

Gazetted officers salary bill

H – Section




H1 – Section

Non – gazetted salary


H2 – section

Medical Reimbursement, TA


H3- Section

LA, Miscellaneous bill


H4 – Section


Tapal – Section



Fair Copy - Section


Fair copy 

Record & Stationery


Record and stationery

Estate Office


Vehicle & furniture and other equipments maintenance etc.

Contact Details:


K J Varughese IFS

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration),

Forest Headquarters, Thiruvananthapuram – 14.

0471 – 2338491

0471 – 2529110 (D)

Fax : 0471 – 2338491

Mob: 9447979015

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Senior Administrative Officer

0471- 2321798

0471 – 2529114

Mobile : 9447979025

e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

D. Mariappan,

Senior Administrative Assistant

0471 – 2529115

Sri.R.S. Jayakumar,

Estate Officer

0471 – 2529222

0471 – 2529164

Mobile : 9447979024

D – Section

0471 – 2529117

E – Section

0471 – 2529118

F – Section

0471 – 2529218

T – Section

0471 – 2529119

H – Section

0471 – 2529308

Tapal Section

0471 – 2529309

Fair Copy Section

0471 – 2529219

Stationery Section

0471 – 2529372

Record Section

0471 – 2529369



The Administration wing functions under the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration). He is assisted by the Deputy Conservator of Forests (Administration), Senior Administrative Officer, Senior Finance Officer, Senior Administrative Assistant and Law Wing under a Joint Secretary to Government.

The work under the Administration wing is distributed among B, D, E, F, H, T, Tapa!, Stationery, Record, Faircopy sections and Estate Office.

B Section consists of 9 clerks. 3 seats are supervised Junior Superintendent; 4 seats are supervised by Senior Superintendent and 2 seats are supervised by Junior Superintendent 'D' section. They deal with disciplinary cases. B section files are submitted to Chief Conservator of Forests(Administration) through Deputy Conservator of Forests (Administration). The disciplinary cases pertaining to ministerial staff are routed through Senior Administrative Assistant and Senior Administrative Officer.

D section consists of 3 clerks under a Junior superintendent. This section handles establishment papers of Range Officers, ACF, Deputy Director (WL) Education, gazzetted ministerial officers and preparation of select list.

E section consists of 6 clerks. They function under a Junior Superintendent and handle establishment papers relating to Deputy Rangers, Forest Guards, Junior Superintendents, Head Accountants, Clerks, Typists, Confidential Assistants, Drivers, Peons and Part Time Contingent service etc. These files are routed through Senior Administrative Assistant and Senior Administrative Officer .

In F section pension cases of the employees are dealt with. There are 3 clerks in the F section. Files in the F section are routed through the Junior Superintendent and the Senior Finance Officer to the Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration).

H section is under the control of Head Accountant. They deal the establishment bills, T. A. Claims, medical claims, reimbursement bills, loans and advances of the employees etc.

'T' Section consists of 2 clerks under a Junior Superintendent. Preparation of monthly accounts and all treasury functions are dealt with in the section.

The law wing headed by Joint Secretary (Law Department) assisted by a Section Officer and two Legal Assistants. They offer remarks on important issues on which the administrative section seeks advice.