Forest Area


Forest Area

Kerala Forest Department (KFD), like other state departments in India, has evolved over last one and half century in response to changes in Forest Policy, priorities in five year plans and demands on the forests. However, it has by and large inherited the basic institutional framework of the colonial forest administration, with the emphasis on protection and management of government forests with limited involvement of the public.
 Forest Area
 Total Forest Area 11309.4754 Sq.Km
 Percentage of forest area to the total area of the state 29.101 %
 By Legal Status(Area as per records)
 Reserved Forests 9176.3016 Sq.Km
 Proposed Reserve 295.3781 Sq.Km
 Vested Forests & Ecologically Fragile Lands 1837.7957 Sq.Km
 TOTAL 11309.4754 Sq.Km


Forest Areas on lease

 Details of Forest Areas Given out under Lease to PSU's & Other Govt/Quasi Govt.Agencies

  1. Plantation Corporation of Kerala
  2. Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd
  3. Rehabilitation Plantation Limited
  4. State Farming Corporation of Kerala Limited
  5. Kerala State Electricity Board
  6. Oil Palm India Limited
  7. Other Government/Quasi Government Agencies

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