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Goms-141/2012. Dt, 11-06-2012hot! 10/15/2013 Hits: 2228
GAD (Political) PROTOCOL - Public functions organized by State Departments/public undertakings - courtesies to be extended to MPs/MLAs - Modified
Revision of T.A. Ceiling of State Govt. Employees and Restoration of incidental for Air journeys - sanctioned.
Gort-599/2012. Dt. 15-12-2012hot! 10/15/2013 Hits: 490
Forest and Wild life Department - Establishment - Transfer and Posting of Assistant Conservator of Forests
Gort-603/2012. Dt. 18-12-2012hot! 10/15/2013 Hits: 493
Permission for boating in the Idukki and Cheruthoni Dams from 20-12-2012 to 10-01-2013 in connection with Christmas season 2012
GAD(Political) - Protocol - Warrant of presidence - Order of precedence to be observed at State Functions of the Government of Kerala
IFS - Creation of Ex-Cadre post of Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Conservator of Forests Kozhikode - Transfer and Posting of IFS Officers
Goms-77/12. Dated 16-07-2012hot! 10/19/2013 Hits: 2610
Inclusion of the post of forest Driver and forest Boat Driver in forest Dept. in Kerala Forest

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