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No.Pro.(4)-29243/2013hot! 03/03/2015 Hits: 448
Amendment in the special terms and conditions of e-auction of timber
Recommendations in the report of Special Enquiry team headed by Dr.Nivedita.P.Haran, Additional Chief Secretary to examine  the whole land issues related to the Government Lands at Kurinjimala Sanctuary in Vattavada and Kottakamboor Villages in Idukki District - Approved - Commencing further action - Orders Issued
go-58-2015 dt 16-02-2015hot! 06/05/2015 Hits: 383
DtZymKØ `cW]cnjv¡mc hIp¸v þ s]mXp `cW hIp¸nse Poh\¡mÀ¡v C³lukv ss{Sbn\nw§v \ÂIp¶Xn\pÅ C³lukv ss{Sbn\nw§v  sk cq]oIcWw
IFS - Appointment by promotion - Promotion and Posting of State Forest Service officers to Indian Forest Service on the basis of select list 2011 notified by Government of India

h\w h\y-Pohn hIp¸v þ ]«nI hÀ¤-¡mÀ¡v `h\ \nÀ½m-W-¯n\v [\-k-lmbw e`y-am-¡p¶ FÃm ]²-Xn-I-tfbpw DÄs¸-Sp¯n 6þ11-þ2010 se k.-D.(-Fw.-F-kv)78/2010/h\w \¼À D¯-chv t`Z-KXn hcp-¯nbpw ]«n-I-hÀ¤-¡mÀ¡v h\m-h-Imi \nbaw A\p-k-cn¨v e`y-am-bXpw AÃm-sXbpapÅ ssIhi `qan-bn AhÀ \«p-]n-Sn-¸n¨ hr£-§Ä hoSp ]Wn-¡mbn D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-¶-Xn\v A\p-aXn \ÂInbpw D¯-chp ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p-¶p.

IFS Posting of Shri.Rajan Sehgal IFS (KL.1992) as Chief Conservator of Forests (Agastyavanam Biological Park) -Thiruvananthapuram
]mÀe-saâdn Imcy hIp¸v þ s]mXp ]cn-]m-Sn-I-fn _Ô-s¸« Fw.-]n.-am-cpsS {]mXn-\n[yw Dd-¸m-¡p-¶Xv kw_-Ôn¨v IÀi\ \nÀt±-i-§Ä ]pd-s¸-Sp-hn-¡p¶p
IFS - Appointment by promotion - Promotion and posting of State Forest Service Officers to Indian Forest service on the basis of select list 2011 notified by Government of India

h\w h\y-Pohn hIp¸v þ Fd-Wm-Ipfw sslt¡m-SXn t^mdÌv sebvk¬ Hm^o-knse sdbn©v t^mdÌv Hm^o-kÀ XkvXnI Xncp-h-\-´-]pcw tIcf tÌäv AUvan-\n-kvt{S-äohv ss{S_yq-W-en sebvk¬ hn`m-K-¯n {]hÀ¯n-¡p-¶-Xn\v Xm¡m-en-I-ambn amän sIm­­­WvSv D¯-c-hm-Ip-¶p.

Goms 02/2015. Dated 08-01-2015hot! 09/19/2015 Hits: 1247
Forest & Wildlife Department - Fixing Compensation rates for various crops (individually) lost due to attack by wild animals - Orders issued in compliance of assurance given in G.O.(Rt)No.101/2014/F&WLD dated 03-03-2014 and direction of the Hon. Human Rights Commission in HRMP NO.5671/2014 dated 02-07-2014 and 04-09-2014.
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